RPC 135,445

Microsoft Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a powerful technology for creating distributed client/server programs. RPC is an interprocess communication technique that allows client and server software to communicate. The Microsoft RPC facility is compatible with the Open Group’s Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) specification for remote procedure calls and is interoperable with other DCE-based RPC systems, such as those for HP-UX and IBM AIX UNIX–based operating systems.

Computer operating systems and programs have steadily gotten more complex over the years. With each release, there are more features. The growing intricacy of systems makes it more difficult for developers to avoid errors during the development process. Often, developers create a solution for their system or application when a nearly identical solution has already been devised. This duplication of effort consumes time and money and adds complexity to already complex systems.

RPC is designed to mitigate these issues by providing a common interface between applications. RPC serves as a go–between for client/server communications. RPC is designed to make client/server interaction easier and safer by factoring out common tasks, such as security, synchronization, and data flow handling, into a common library so that developers do not have to dedicate the time and effort into developing their own solutions.

  • Check Portmapper-111.md for port 1111.



rpcinfo -p
rpcinfo -p 192.x.x.x
rpcclient -I 192.x.x.x

MS03-026 - DCom

Check "SMB" section.