P4wnP1 A.L.O.A. by MaMe82 is a framework which turns a Rapsberry Pi Zero W into a flexible, low-cost platform for pentesting, red teaming and physical engagements ... or into "A Little Offensive Appliance": https://github.com/mame82/P4wnP1_aloa

  • Plug&Play USB device emulation
  • HIDScript
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Networking
  • Configuration and Control via CLI, remotely if needed
  • Configuration and Control via web client
  • Automation

RPI for TX

  • https://github.com/F5OEO/rpitx
  • https://www.rtl-sdr.com/using-an-rtl-sdr-and-rpitx-to-unlock-a-car-with-a-replay-attack/